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For some international or non-resident companies looking to set up in Ireland, it is a requirement to appoint an Irish Resident Director. At James Coyle & Co, we have a panel of experienced and independent directors that can be appointed to your board.

The residency of company directors can have an important role in determining where the management and control of the company take place. If the control of the company is primarily outside of Ireland, having an Irish director on your board may be necessary for tax registration, opening a corporate bank account, and ensuring the company is considered a tax resident in Ireland. Directors of Irish companies have important legal obligations under the Companies Act 2014 and at common law, and are required to be involved in the management of the company and not purely in a nominee capacity. This means that is it hugely important to select a director that fits into your business culture and has the right kind of knowledge and skills to drive your business forward.

James Coyle & Co has a panel of available directors to choose from. We provide experienced Irish directors who are residents in Ireland to act on the board of your company. With candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, we can ensure a perfect match for your business. By using our directorship services, you can guarantee that your company appoints an Irish resident director with the right qualifications, experience, and expertise to have a positive impact on your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of an Irish resident director?

    By appointing an Irish based director your company may be considered to be a tax resident in Ireland. The main benefit of this is that your company will benefit from low rates of corporation tax. Other benefits include the ability to open a bank account and easier trade within the EEA.

  • How do you select your director candidates?

    We have chosen our panel of directors with careful consideration. There are a number of key skills and qualifications that we look for including previous director or board experience, industry knowledge, management skills, strategic thinking, effective communication, leadership style, proactive decision making, etc.

  • Can I get a consultation to discuss your directorship services?

    You can request a directorship consultation using our online booking system. We offer free 15 minute consultations. If you require a more in-depth consultation then there will be a charge associated with this.